Winter Reflections

On a recent afternoon, Lydia and I saw ‘sun dogs’ in the sky after school. It was one of those bitter-cold days and they had been evident all day. But on our way home, this ‘ice halo’ was brilliant! It was a beautiful reflection of the winter sun.

I tried to take a picture, but it was too bright! Later, I noticed someone posted the exact picture of those sun doggies online…click here and look at the second picture down!

Yes, I’m really enjoying this winter season so far. Snowy and blowy, there’s nothing like a good blizzard to make you thankful for a warm, safe house with plenty to eat!

Last year, I only used the snow blower a few times all season. This year, I’ve already used my snow blower several times in the last couple weeks! On the other hand, my back and shoulders are loving this weather because I have not had to shovel as much.

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy snow removal. It gives me a sense of accomplishment!

Plus, I’m often reminded of how God used the crazy long winter we had when Dave was sick. Back then, I often shoveled snow twice a day because the snow blower we had at the time was too large for me to push safely and comfortably. It felt like that winter would never end. And, shoveling foot-high snow drifts brought out many ugly emotions I would have rather ignored!

God loves us just as we are, but He loves us too much to leave us like that. That year, the brutal weather was just one of the tools He used to shape my character. Looking back, I gained some pretty awesome skills and a much better perspective. For that, I am grateful.

Now, I have a joyful attitude as I seek God’s sweet and refreshing grace!

This year, more than ever, I’m thankful for the longer Fargo winters. Not only do I crave the slower pace that winter brings, but I’m also aware that my ‘free time’ with Lydia will be limited as she grows. She has been going through a cuddly, goofy phase lately, so I’ve decided to roll with it. Of course we have good and bad days, but right now Lydia and I can watch movies, play games, and read books together. We can play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, and snuggle. Thank You, Lord.

I’m also thankful for my flexible schedule, where a random ‘snow day’ doesn’t throw us for a loop. Someday soon, that may change. I will likely have to make adjustments down the road. But for now, I am grateful.

I’ve seen a few people counting down the days ’til Spring. I totally understand that Winter can be a doozy. Years ago, I traveled long distances for work. I commuted one hour, one way, each day to a job I loved. It was worth it at the time, but challenging and scary at times. These days, I am grateful for mostly in-town driving.

Once I bust through a few snow drifts, that is!

Perhaps you are one that dislikes Winter. I get it. It’s cold, snowy, and blowy. But, consider taking a different approach. Find the beauty and good in each season…even Winter…because there is a time, season, and purpose for everything.

I am using this current life season to pause and rebuild solid morning habits. My entire day goes much better if I get certain things done before Lydia wakes up (more on this, later).

We have a tendency to want to rush through life and move on to the next event, the next season, the next opportunity or challenge. But let’s pause and experience all God has for us NOW. Each season has it’s own perks and challenges! God knows the plans He has for us, and He will lead us there…in His timing, and if we let Him.

His love never fails!


God, thank You for Winter. Each season displays Your magnificent glory! Thanks for Your protection and provision. Help us have the right perspective in every season. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Questions: What is your favorite winter activity? Have you tried any new activities? Is there something God is teaching you in this current life season?

Tasks: Make a list of 5-10 special activities you can do this season. Go do them!

2 thoughts on “Winter Reflections

  1. I used to love sledding at home! It is a lot of work to climb back up the hill, but the rush of sledding down quickly, having to steer, having a pretty sled, etc really gets me excited. And then there’s walking back to the house and drinking hot chocolate and changing into warm clothes and laughing about the good times you just had! So fun!

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