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The purpose of this blog is to talk about grace. I used to let fear stop me from living a full life, but receiving God’s grace has changed me from the inside out. Grace has truly altered my whole perspective. I don’t have to have it all figured out, and there is so much freedom in that. I can let go of fear and perfection and just live!

Through some major life experiences, God taught me how to conquer my fears, receive His love, and rely on His grace to live. To learn more about me, click here.

Grace is like lemonade. Sweet and refreshing! In fact, it makes everything bearable. Receiving God’s grace, helps us make lemonade from lemons. For a deeper perspective, read Seeking God’s Sweet and Refreshing Grace.

Grace sets us on a fulfilling adventure, living in overwhelming Victory instead of  defeat. We can let God fight all of our battles.

Also, extending grace to others is like offering a cool drink on a hot day. Grace-filled people ought to be gracious! Encouragement is refreshing!

To learn more, check out the blog. I’d love to know your thoughts!

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15 thoughts on “Hello, there!

  1. I love the analogies about trying to give Lydia good things, but being unable to do so b/c of her preschooler behavior and attitude. It’s a real eye-opener to realize that I behave the same way sometimes with God. Makes me think that instead of asking God for what I want, maybe I should ask him what he wants to do in my life.

    1. Yes, there are so many times where the light bulb goes off when parenting! It makes me see God in a whole new light.

  2. This is beautiful! I especially enjoy your relatable connection between challenging parenting moments and remembering to take time to quiet down myself in order to hear what God wants me to see, hear or feel.

    1. Yes, I need to connect with the Lord before I attempt to connect or reconnect with others (children and sometimes even adults!).

  3. Your blog is beautiful! You truly are a women of God. Your words are full of His wisdom and love. Thanks for sharing your journey. Looking forward to your next entry ??

  4. I love your blog! It is very relatable. Your use of analogies to help put God’s word into perspective is great. Our Father has found a great way for you to use the talent he has given you to reach others. I look forward to reading your next post 🙂

  5. Hi Natalie,

    I think your blog is a beautiful idea from God. You will inspire many people young and old through ordinary times and hard ones. You have learned so much through adversity, but then you always were ahead of the curve and constantly thinking and seeking answers.

    As you say, that’s what God wants of us. To seek Him and find the answers for our lives. Your words will help me remember where to look.

  6. What an incredibly Christ-filled woman you are … how you so gracefully share yourself is a true testament to the love you have for God. I am pretty excited having met you and am able to call you friend.

  7. Hi Natalie. 🙂 I’ve found the note that you sent me way back in January (chemo brain moment) and am enjoying catching up on the journey you and Lydia are having with God. So excited for you both for tomorrow and grateful that M and CY are there with you both to celebrate/navigate the new waters. Hugs from FL!

    1. Thank you, Jody! I hope you are feeling well. <3 Yes, this is already quite an adventure. I'm thankful to have such loving support!

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