Finding Grace #48

I love the concept of giving God a shout out for what He has done.

We don’t do that nearly enough!

You may have seen the acronym GRACE as “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” Grace is also God’s unmerited favor, or God doing for us what we cannot. I find grace overflowing in God’s love, joy, peace, blessings, mercy, power, provision, protection, and wisdom. Thank You, Jesus!

Where did I find God’s love and favor—His abundant grace—this week?

Overall, this was a good week! The weather turned chilly again, in the teens and twenties. But, overall, it was bright and sunny. Praise God!

I had several one-on-one meetings week with a variety of people. I was glad to talk with these friends to help them process life events and decisions. Often, by listening to others, I also gain valuable insight into my own life. I still have some pending decisions to make, but I’m giving my concerns to the Lord. Indeed, I’ve been praying for each of these decisions on-and-off for 2+ years! I know God’s got me got me covered!

I’m extra grateful for God’s grace and comfort during loss. Sadly, this week we had a death in our extended family. My dad’s youngest sister died quite unexpectedly. She was fairly young and so it was a shock. She was a beautiful soul and will be sorely missed. Still, it was good to talk with so many of our family members this week. I’m thankful for the love we share, even if we don’t see each other often due to living in several different states!


These are only a few examples, but God’s grace never runs out!

There’s grace in every situation—we just need to look for it. God promises if we seek Him, we will find Him (see Jeremiah 29:13)!

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