Finding Grace #12

I love the concept of giving God a shout out for what He has done.

We don’t do that nearly enough!

You may have seen the acronym GRACE as “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” Grace is also God’s unmerited favor, or God doing for us what we cannot. I find grace overflowing in God’s love, joy, peace, blessings, mercy, power, provision, protection, and wisdom. Thank You, Jesus!

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Where did I find God’s love and favor—His abundant grace—this week?

    • On Monday, I went to an all-day women’s conference in Fargo. I wasn’t thrilled about sitting down for almost 10 hours, yet we had several breaks throughout the day, and this year was the best yet! Each speaker was so good; I enjoyed every minute. I even met a Registered Dietitian I have followed for years. So that was really cool! I’m so thankful for a 10-hour drop-in daycare and that Lydia is fairly flexible and enthusiastic in these situations. “Lydia, you will get to eat breakfast and lunch there…but I will pick you up before supper time.”  I packed her bag full of fun, healthy foods and she was set. “Oh, YES! I’m so excited!”
  • On Tuesday, I mowed the lawn. Not super exciting, but the forecast predicted rain all week and I wanted to stay on top of it. Then, I decided to water the grass because it was extra crispy. I haven’t watered the grass in three years, but since it is so early in the season, I needed to do something about it! Lydia played with the neighbors the entire time. We didn’t go to bed until after 9pm that night. It was so beautiful and sunny. We thoroughly enjoyed our time outside!
  • On Wednesday, I woke up sore from moving the water hose around the yard…only to see it raining. (I actually love a good rain storm and even saw a rainbow later!) Lydia had been hoping for rain all week so she could use her new Hello Kitty umbrella! So, we headed outside to walk around in the rain for a few minutes. Then, we stayed outside so Lydia could enjoy the experience. 🙂 Hey, life is short! She rode her bike in the rain, jumped in a large puddle, and picked clover “flowers.” We also played catch with a tennis ball. It was great to see her delight in such simple joys.
  • Friday afternoon’s weather brought a thunderstorm and a couple ‘little’ tornadoes in a neighboring town! Later, we spent the evening with my friend, Amy, and her family. Amy recently graduated from college and I am so proud of her. We were introduced by mutual friends, after our husbands died of cancer. We’ve been encouraged by each other over the last couple of years, as we have shared our stories. Amy has three young school-aged children and has worked so hard these last few years to provide for her family by pursuing (and finishing) her degree. College is difficult enough, but I cannot imagine doing it with kids. Like me, Amy has also relied on God to get her through. What a testament of His grace in her life… empowering Amy to do the impossible!
  • Today, Lydia and I had a special day together. We went to the Fargo zoo, had a picnic lunch at the park, had a tea party, painted her nails at home and few other activities. Our week was jammed with many fun and interesting activities, but these are the highlights. I am continually amazed to see how diverse our experiences have been each week. God is writing a wonderful story, and I am so thankful for His grace as I see it unfold day by day.


These are only a few examples, but God’s grace never runs out!

There’s grace in every situation—we just need to look for it. God promises if we seek Him, we will find Him (see Jeremiah 29:13)!

Where did YOU see or experience God’s grace this week?

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