Thank God for Our Soldiers

Today, we remember the sacrifices of those in the armed forces who fought on our behalf, many of whom gave their lives for ours. We celebrate them and thank them, for all they have given to protect us and preserve our nation. Family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers—just about everyone knows a soldier. Be sure to tell them ‘thank you’ today.


When I think of my own heritage, I am proud that my grandfathers enlisted in the Army and Navy, during World War II. But, the women also contributed to the fight for freedom.

“If no one is shooting at you, it’s a good day.” –Norah Yeagle

Norah was my dad’s mom, my grandmother from England. She met my grandpa, Allison, who was an American GI, while she was a bank teller in Bristol. She lived through the blackouts and dark days of World War II. After the war ended, Norah became a war bride and bravely left all she knew to move to central Illinois, where she raised a family.

My grandmother’s wise words really put into perspective the freedom our valiant men and women have earned for us. I attend the church of my choice and can speak freely without fear of losing my life or going to prison, unlike other places around the world. I can choose where to live and how to spend my money, largely because of the courageous effort of those who have gone before me. There is no room to complain when times get tough.

On my mom’s side, my great-aunt Pat was a nurse/medic in the British Army during World War II. She raced across the battlefield to rescue wounded soldiers, with bullets whizzing past her head. Talk about courage under fire! Aunt Pat met her future husband, Uncle Harold, in a ‘foxhole’… Imagine that!


What would’ve happened if all these brave men and women did not step up in the time of need? Where would you and I be today?

These soldiers put their lives on hold to fight for ours. And, don’t forget those currently serving and their families, who make many sacrifices for us too. Thank God for them!

We often think of bravery in times of intense action. This may include fighting in a war, taking a bullet for someone, or saving a stranger from oncoming traffic. Absolutely, yes! However, bravery comes in many forms. Courage is needed whether in the field or back at home.

Everyone has an important role.

In fact, it takes courage to have a difficult conversation and forgive someone. Courage is needed to set boundaries, know your limits, and grow as a person. It takes guts to say “Yes” to what is right, even when saying “No” to the other option brings fear, disappointment, or even judgment from others. Courage is required to face a future that looks different than expected.

Many people I know face chronic pain or debilitating disease, often putting on a brave face, showing more concern for others than themselves. It is admirable to move forward and continue living a full life despite the pain.

Often, courage requires a choice to go in another direction, to choose a difficult path instead of the easy one. It can be uncomfortable. You might have to stand alone.

But fear not. You are more than a conqueror. The battle belongs to the Lord.


God, thank You for the courageous men and women who fought for our freedom, and for those who are still fighting for us. Thanks for Your protection and provision. Thank You for making us brave. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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