Finding Grace #35

I love the concept of giving God a shout out for what He has done.

We don’t do that nearly enough!

You may have seen the acronym GRACE as “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” Grace is also God’s unmerited favor, or God doing for us what we cannot. I find grace overflowing in God’s love, joy, peace, blessings, mercy, power, provision, protection, and wisdom. Thank You, Jesus!


Where did I find God’s love and favor—His abundant grace—this week?

  • This week was intense. I mentioned feeling a little under the weather at the beginning of the week. It might sound silly, but in hindsight, I think it was nerves and adrenaline from watching the Chicago Cubs in the World Series! The Cubs’ history, reputation, and generational appeal made for a great storyline. Looking back, we often see God’s grace in the way something works out so perfectly. For example, winning in the 7th game, late game with a rain delay, 10 innings, close score, great plays…all made for an EPIC headline with maximum glory. If it had happened any other way, the impact would have been different.
  • For me, the Cubs winning represents hopes, dreams, goals, and discipline paying off. All the effort, time, tears, trials, and setbacks are rewarded. I see how the concept of #FlyTheW applies to other areas of my life. In those moments when I feel like giving in, I am reminded that with Jesus, we have already won the final Victory! So, I will raise the “W” banner and hold my head high, knowing that despite the overwhelming odds, God makes all things possible. To Him be the glory!
  • As a result of not feeling well due to the adrenaline rush, late nights, and early mornings, I did not have any extra energy. I was wiped out! 🙂 So instead of working on my normal projects this week, I finished little ones. I voted early, did laundry, shopped for Lydia’s birthday and Christmas gifts, had an impromptu dinner with our neighbors, and made a couple car maintenance appointments. I took it easy, and decided to rest! Now that’s evidence of God’s grace! Historically, I would’ve pushed harder without acknowledging the benefits of taking a break!
  • Lydia received a surprise gift in the mail this week! It’s a My Little Pony zip-up hoodie and with matching headband. Rainbow Dash, of course! Pretty cool! It came from Amazon, but there was no gift note inside the box. I did a double-take, questioning if I had ordered it… Nope! So, we are very thankful for the thoughtful gift. God always has a way of blessing us in the best ways! (But if you are reading this and are the sender, please let me know so we can properly thank you!) 🙂


These are only a few examples, but God’s grace never runs out!

There’s grace in every situation—we just need to look for it. God promises if we seek Him, we will find Him (see Jeremiah 29:13)!

Where did YOU see or experience God’s grace this week?

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