Finding Grace #25

I love the concept of giving God a shout out for what He has done.

We don’t do that nearly enough!

You may have seen the acronym GRACE as “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.” Grace is also God’s unmerited favor, or God doing for us what we cannot. I find grace overflowing in God’s love, joy, peace, blessings, mercy, power, provision, protection, and wisdom. Thank You, Jesus!


Where did I find God’s love and favor—His abundant grace—this week?

  • Compared to last week, this week was rather low key. For many local kids, school is back in session. Yet, I feel like we are in limbo because Lydia’s preschool does not start for a couple more weeks. I’m thankful for a little more time with her, but I am also eager to start the change in our schedule.

  • Over the last week, I have been trying to get ahead and anticipate what we will need in the coming weeks. As such, I have been catching up on a million little tasks, like hanging pictures, organizing my office (still a work in progress), washing windows, and cleaning out the fridge. Not super exciting, but necessary—especially since these little things often get neglected for the bigger (daily) chores.
  •  Lydia has been diligently practicing riding her bike without training wheels , and I am happy to report she’s now able to ride on her own! It may sound funny, but it feels like a big milestone. There were many times when we both wanted to give up, but praise God we stuck it out!
  • Yes, things are slowly changing. We will soon be in a new season of the year… and life. It is exciting but will also stretch us. I am thankful for God’s love and grace through it all!


These are only a few examples, but God’s grace never runs out!

There’s grace in every situation—we just need to look for it. God promises if we seek Him, we will find Him (see Jeremiah 29:13)!

Where did YOU see or experience God’s grace this week?

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