Grace and Ice Cream

Grace is like lemonade. Or, grace could easily be like ice cream too. Both are sweet and refreshing—and delicious… (Hey, this dietitian loves good food and metaphors!)

There are times when my daughter, Lydia, asks to ride her bike or play at the park.

But I reserve the right to tell her no!

Well, in true preschooler fashion, Lydia can throw a good fit. Actually, it is more of a high-pitched, slow whine. “Whyyyyyy can I not play outside?! I want to ride my biiiike!”

Unbeknownst to her, I have better things in mind. When I refuse her request, it is not because I’m a mean mom. I simply want to take her for ice cream.

(Which is way better, right?!)

I love to see the look of joy on Lydia’s face when I surprise her with an exciting outing. But, I also don’t tell her much in advance, because young kids have no sense of time. Also, I may determine to save it for a different day if she has poor behavior. Thus, it is better to not mention the surprise until we are ready to go.

Ice cream cone

I wonder if that is how God sees some of our attitudes and requests too! He has amazing plans for us, but He only tells us a little bit at a time. We cannot fathom eternity as God sees it. Some day we will. For now, we can trust in His grace and goodness. His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways (see Isaiah 55:8).

But for now, we get sidetracked because He does not seem to give us what we want. How many times do we miss what He desires so eagerly to give us, because we won’t give up our longings or requests?

Often, God is waiting for us to calm down—so we can listen, put on our shoes, and get in the car. Apologizing for our bad attitude is also a good idea…

(Oh, wait…)

God, don’t let me settle for anything less than Your best. Thank you for not giving me everything I want or think I need. Help me have a good attitude in the waiting. “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6)!

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